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Manage emotion and stress with oil and water (43 minute guided Yoga Nidra meditation)


Welcome to day 3 of our guided meditations for optimizing mental and physical health (intro post is here).

If you missed day 1, it’s available here. You can catch up on day two here.

Today we’re focused on techniques for emotion and stress management.

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How to be response-able versus reactive (11 minute Embodiment practice guided meditation)


Welcome to day 2 of our guided meditations for optimizing mental and physical health (here’s the intro post). In case you missed it, my day 1 meditation is available here.

Today we’re focused on how we feel and react.

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3 part guided meditation series to optimize your mental and physical health

Women's Health

The much anticipated meditation series for optimizing your mental and physical health will available for our community only FOR FREE the last week of May.

You just need to be on the mailing list to receive it (see this post and this post).

Marin McCue, founder of dope(a)me mind-body-life coaching, has graciously offered to help support our community by creating a series of three guided meditations.

The first day will be all about…

slow down to speed up
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Slowing down to speed up & why it matters


This week we shared exciting news here about our free meditation series to help shift our mindset and optimize our mental and physical health with Marin McCue, founder of dope(a)me mind-body-life coaching.

It doesn’t matter if you want to maintain your current mindset, get out of a rut, or level up. Or, if you’re in university, the CEO of a big company, single, pregnant, a new parent, parent to 5 kids, if you’re an empty nester, etc.

These guided meditations are for everyone!

Why is this so important?

your mental health matters
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Helping make YOU a priority


First, I’m taking this opportunity to check in with everyone. To see how things are really going for you, and find out how we can best support you in these uncertain times and beyond.

We are also thrilled to announce super exciting news with you today about what we’re planning for EVERYONE later this month… whether you’re single, in a relationship, pregnant, have an angel baby, have 5 kids, or if you’re an empty nester!

If you’re already on our mailing list, keep an eye out the last week of this month. If not, join now.

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This years mantra


Easier said than done, especially if you have no interest in focussing to change anything. Let’s just be sometimes, right?!

Looking back on my previous live with intention posts, my words, themes and intentions have ranged from simplicity and happiness to balance, and most recently, embracing change and living in harmony.

With family and work responsibilities this past year, personal reflection took a back seat until now. After years of living in a revolving door of change, loving life with my partner and our blended family, and a recent promotion at work, I really would’t change a thing (except maybe a few wrinkles and grey hairs!). But that’s part of why it’s a good time to reassess values, goals, and life, generally.

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Yoga with Sara


Enter to win this amazing Yoga with Sara DVD, suitable for all levels. Keep it for you or give it as a gift this holiday season! 

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Letting Go


As I write this, my very first blog post for, my laundry room is in a state of chaos. Water is leaking from its very recently (this morning) flooded floors into my downstairs family room. 

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Top five tips to goal setting and planning a family


Making the right decision about careers, partners and having a family are hot topics of conversation among people I know, both women and men. Regardless of age, the list of life changing decisions we are faced with seem to go on and on! 

Our hopes, dreams and fears affect the decisions we make, and the uncertainty surrounding life plans can be overwhelming, not to mention a huge stressor in our lives. There’s no denying that ideas proposed in the worldwide phenom The Secret are pretty amazing – being able to manifest the life you desire by using the laws of attraction sounds perfectly simple in theory. But in practice, having it all (whatever that means to you) may seem completely unattainable, especially if you are going through a difficult time or transition at work or in your personal life. Many of us question how you get started creating the life you want…

Goal setting can be beneficial for a number of reasons, including helping prioritize things that are important to you and giving you something to strive for and achieve. Being in a serious relationship and having a family will change your life, and adding these milestones to your list of goals could help determine when the timing is right for you. Listening to the experiences of others and learning from their and our own past mistakes can also be helpful, especially if we are empathetic and can set aside our judgments.

Below are five tips for goal setting and planning a family.

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