You deserve to have it all. This starts with family health and wellness. So you can look and feel your best... to have the energy to do all the things in your busy life! 

Our integrative approach focuses on the mental, physical and emotional health & wellbeing for all ages. We offer the best tips, info and resources from the experts. We support parents making more informed decisions for their families.  

Health and wellness 
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FREEDOM To live a life you love

With wellness consultant and digestive health expert Michal Ofer, eating for fuel, flavor and fun is possible. Say goodbye to perfection and embrace pleasure. You deserve to enjoy your food, and more importantly, your life!

Meal Plan for Strength and Health

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Helping optimize health and stock your pantry. Countless tips and ideas to enhance the things that work for you. Plus, coaching & custom programs to fit your needs.

Important Nutrition
Tips & Info

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freedom with nutrition

Something for everyone! Delicious & easy to follow recipes, whether you're planning a family dinner, pressing juice, making a smoothie, or on-the-go finger foods...

Some of Our Fav Recipes

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Tasty and nutritious weekly meal plans for one or your whole family. Easy to follow recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Complete with grocery lists!

Weekly Meal Plans  & Grocery Lists

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Allergies & food sensitivities

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Improve Fertility

 Be youthful and timeless at any age. Something for everyone!

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Age Gracefully

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Now and always

For her and for him!

Healing Jewelry

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With Alive & Pure Healing


Diet & Weight

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Achieve & maintain your goals

Fall in love with gemstones

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Remedies to reduce stress/anxiety


Sound Medicine

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Dr. Mele's healing method 

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