What would your life be like in a world where all parents could live the life of their dreams with kids? If you could transition into parenthood more seamlessly? 

If you had time and energy for yourself, without any unnecessary sleep deprivation, stress, overwhelm, guilt...

You deserve to have it all.
Our team is dedicated to making it happen.

We're creating freedom for parents and simplifying life, one family at a time.
And this opportunity is available to you now. 

Meet our team below. We're looking forward to learning more about you!

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Hey, I'm Tereza!

I'm a Mom of 2 + 2 bonus kids.
My love and our blended family live in Calgary, Canada.
I'm also lawyer, writer and entrepreneur passionate about sharing the collective wisdom of parents & health experts to help make life easier for parents especially with a baby because...  

our team of Parents and experts

Health and sleep were everything for me before I had kids, and when I was a new Mom.

Being a parent can be so overwhelming, especially with a new baby. I knew there had to be an easier way to have it all. And there is! 

I went back to work full time as a lawyer 12 weeks after childbirth with baby #1, then cared for a toddler and husband with cancer with baby #2 (both breastfed babies). After much research and help from Dr. Pam, I gently transitioned both babies to sleep 10+ uninterrupted hours each night at 12 weeks old with almost no tears and completely avoiding sleep training later on. 

We've been sharing this life-changing routine with parents ever since. We spill all the secrets in Calm Baby Sleep Course™... and if I can do, it so can you!

Life with babies doesn't have to be so hard, I promise! Sharing this must know information to help lift families is my purpose.

Research and synthesizing info is my thing so I collaborate with experts to get the best of all worlds. This helps parents make more informed decisions for the health and wellness of their families.

I'm navigating my way through parenthood just like you, in and out balance. I love meditating, yoga, running, hiking and snow shoeing. Dance parties and cuddling with my girls are my favs.

Can't wait to learn more about you. Send me an email or DM anytime!

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Hello, I'm Barbara!

I am an outdoor loving active Mama
of 3 kiddos, podcast host
and a joy spreader.
I'm a people persona and absolutely love community & connecting people together. I love imperfectly gathering like minded Mamas to live our best lives while juggling the everyday.

our team of Parents and experts

I'm so happy you're here and excited to welcome you to our community! We are here to remind you that you are amazing and you are needed and that you are the rockstar of your family and household. Consider us your cheerleaders in all things that bring joy into your life. As your friends, no subject is off limits. We have conversations with amazing guests and experts in all areas including awkward subjects that not a lot of people talk about. 

Join me and Tereza for real, raw and impactful interviews with Dr. Pam and other incredible guests on our two podcasts. Subscribe for new episodes each week wherever you listen to podcasts. Follow on IG to listen live:  
@babybumpstolittles 10:15am PT on Monday
@thrivingfamilypodcast 11:30am PT on Thursday.

The Thriving Family Podcast offers a supportive space to fill your cup and elevate your life! is all about the things no everyone is brave enough to talk about like tough conversations with your school-aged children. We celebrate the joys, and break through the stress and overwhelm, of being a parent!

Baby Bumps to Littles Podcast is for expectant parents and parents with littles (0-6). From conception to pregnancy, childbirth, and surviving the first year with baby, through the toddler, preschooler & kindergarten years. This is what we wish we had when we were in this season of our lives and are so happy to be supporting this community!

I love hearing from our community so don't be shy. DM us to say hi and let us know topics that you'd like to hear more about and that would benefit you!

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Hi, I'm Dr. Pam!

I'm a Functional Naturopathic Physician with Pharmacy Precriptive Authority. My clinic offers naturopathic and midwifery care in B.C., Canada, where I live with my husband and son.
My focus is to help you live a balanced and preventative lifestyle for optimal family health!

Empowering parents to optimize family health is important to me! 

My medical practice at The Nest Family Wellness Centre combines science-based natural medicine with conventional medical therapeutics, and Pharmacy Prescriptive Authority. I provide education on various health topics, including how to obtain more energy, decrease chronic pain, and age gracefully. I've volunteered with a number of medical organizations throughout the world, in Eastern Europe, Central America, and in India at various Ayurveda and Medical Clinics. 

I'm focused on living a balanced and preventative lifestyle and supporting my patients in doing the same. In my spare time, I enjoy being in the outdoors (skiing, snowboarding, camping), going for walks near the ocean or in the forest, hockey games, and relaxing with my family!

In the 5 years leading up to the creation of this site, I observed how the Calm Baby Sleep Routine™ successfully helped families get more sleep for themselves, while watching healthy, happy, and well-adjusted babies grow into healthy, creative, and caring toddlers and eventually school age children. My medical practice involves assisting parents (and parents to be) of all ages and stages of life.

I decided to join this team because of the benefits I've observed from the Calm Baby Sleep™ resources which are now included in our course! The course and this site allow me to help more people than those I can only meet personally.  

I'm looking forward to meeting you. Let us know how we can best support your health and wellness!


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How can we best support you?

Pregnancy, baby & beyond

You deserve to live the life of your dreams with kids! Self-care, full nights of uninterrupted sleep, and all the other things you desire. 

There's no manual for kids but the truth is, it doesn't have to be so hard. Sleep deprivation doesn't have to be the norm!

We synthesize all the must know health tips and info in one place. This helps parents make more informed decisions for a growing family's health and wellness.

Our community supports stay at home parents, those that work from home, and parents that work out of the home. Our clients also have diverse career paths, from celebrity bloggers to working professionals.

being a parent isn't easy

Michal is a lifestyle and wellness expert and nutrition consultant. She lives in Calgary, Canada, and is a bonus Mom of 1.

Her focus is helping clients feel amazing, and have more energy to create a life that they love! Michal has a degree in life sciences and has received training through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Institute for Functional Medicine, University of Colorado, and University of Stanford. 

She offers individual and group sessions, is a workshop and program facilitator, writer and podcast host. Visit her site to learn more.

Michal Ofer

a few of our key contributors

Yoly lives with her hubby and 2 kiddos in B.C., Canada. She's also the founder of CallaBell handcrafted jewelry™, created with gemstones & charms, to inspire your spirit and bring healing and positive energy (enter to win on this page!).

Yoly worked in the health and fitness industry for a number of years and is a certified yoga instructor. She continues to work in the healthcare industry, and is passionate about family health and wellness.

She credits Calm Baby Sleep Course for helping get full nights of sleep with 2 babes under the age of 2!

Yolanda Fonda

Dr. Beverly is a founder of the Grassroots Naturopathic Medicine Health Clinic in Calgary, Canada. She's also a Mom of 2.

Dr. Beverly has a general family practice, with special interests in women’s health, paediatric care, digestive health and mood disorders, including depression and anxiety.

To help her patients receive the most optimal health care, she is happy to work with your current health care providers. 

Find out more about Dr. Beverly or schedule an appointment here

Dr. Beverly Huang, ND

Welcome to Thriving Family podcast, a supportive space to fill your cup and elevate your life. Join hosts Barbara Stratte and Tereza Fonda, for real, raw and impactful interviews with Dr. Pam and other incredible guests.

This podcast is about parenting but a lot about taking care of us as parents. We are the captain of our family ship so the better we feel the more smooth sailing there is for everyone. We chat with parenting and health & wellness experts to help support parents at every stage. From sleep deprivation to tough conversations with your school-aged children, and beyond – we celebrate the joys, and break through the stress and overwhelm, of being a parent.

Our hope is that you know you’re never alone in parenting and that we are here to support you at every stage.

We're here for you, so DM to let us know what topics would be helpful and that you're interested in. If you leave you subscribe to the podcast and leave a comment, you could be entered to win a giveaway of a product we love.

Learn more about giveaways on the podcast and talk with you soon! 

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This elegant line of handcrafted gemstone jewelry is created to inspire your spirit and bring healing and positive energy.

Designed to make you look and feel amazing!

Perfect for everyday wear & gifts for special milestones (like a push present!), Choose from necklaces, bracelets and earrings. There are also special gem stones and designs for parents & parents-to-be.

If you're the lucky winner, you may have the option to have jewelry custom made for you or someone you love! 

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Let us help you simplify life so you can focus on what matters most to you!

We value collective wisdom and knowledge. So we collaborate with parents and experts to life easier with kids from day one.

Our blog and resources answer all the commonly asked questions, with a focus on easy and practical solutions. Topics like his and her fertility, preventing diaper rash and ear infections, avoiding baby tears and toddler melt downs, nutrition tips, and the all the best things to help manage stress & age gracefully.

There's even an Ask Dr. Pam Q&A.

We're grateful to be on this parenting adventure with you, through it all.

We love to connect and share ideas with other parents!

Can't wait to meet you!

We don't always have the bandwidth to respond to every email.

But we try to answer all your questions and share your best tips on our blog & the Ask Dr. Pam Q&A.

We also offer a variety of private & group consultation sessions.
Click the link below to see available appointments. 


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