Being a parent isn't easy.
It's hard work, super overwhelming, exhausting and stressful at times.
And there's no manual for babies & kids.

But the truth is, it doesn't always have to be so hard, especially with a baby. For years we've collected the best secrets and wisdom from parents and healthcare experts.

It's made life a lot easier for many 1st, 2nd and 3rd time parents, including us.

That's why we're dedicated to sharing this collective knowledge with others. We believe if you change the lives of parents (starting with a full night of sleep with a baby),
you'll change the world. 

This site has all the must know baby health tips and info, so it's all easy to refer to when you
need it most. 

And did you know it's possible to get a full
night of sleep with your newborn without worrying about tears?

We're living proof it's possible.
Plus we've helped other parents do it too.
It's totally life changing, promise!

Some members of our community haven't skipped a beat after having a baby.
Others have simply enjoyed all the other perks. Like more time for rest, self-care, a predictable
routine, and fewer tears. Calm Baby Sleep Course™ is everything,

We've helped create more freedom for stay at home parents, parents that work from home,
and parents that work out of the home.
Working with parents who have diverse career paths, from celebrity bloggers and
entrepreneurs to nanny's and professionals.

We look forward to supporting you.
See our resources below and connect with us!

A full night of sleep with your new baby...

A perfect guide for first time parents & great reminder for experienced parents. 
Co-creators Tereza Fonda & Dr. Pam share all the must know health tips, info and life changing daily routine we've been supporting parents with for over 10 years. 

Calm Baby Sleep™

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Info Sessions & More

Find out why your baby isn't sleeping through the night, how to extend the time between feedings, how to get your baby on a routine that works for you and your family, and baby health tips... in our information sessions and videos.

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Our Book

Thriving with your new baby is 
co-written by Dr. Pam and Tereza Fonda It includes the must know baby basics & how to best communication with your new bundle of joy... to help you survive the first year (and maybe even thrive!). 

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We're creating freedom for parents through health & wellness one family at a time! Whether you need a baby sleep consult, or would like to schedule an appointment to enhance nutrition or overall health, we can't wait to meet you!

babies made easier!

Make life with a baby manageable & more predictable from day one.

We hear it all the time from friends who want to have a family. Worried about things like:

I love my life the way it is. Will having kids ruin my relationship (or my life)?

I've worked so hard to build my career and don't want to give it up or get behind.

I don't want to end up like my friends with kids, haggard and sleep deprived (and miserable).

I don't want to be stuck at home on a super strict schedule with my baby. 

Spoiler alert! You deserve to live the life of your dreams with kids, guilt free. We don't just mean the basics, like self-care, a good night of sleep, time for yourself, and stress-free travel with kids... You can have the freedom to it all. We're here to help make it happen.

The sooner you start with your new baby the easier it is. Even if you're already juggling all the things. Check out these resources during pregnancy if you can.

You've come to the right place, friend.

 Track your baby's sleep patterns & get a daily routine that works for you

Most newborns sleep 14 out of 24 hours.
This amount of sleep is usually in 1-4 hour blocks with equal hours during the day and at night.

This means parents can be up round the clock for the entire first year with a baby (that's exhausting)!

As baby gets older they can sleep longer at night but this, and sleeping through the whole night doesn't just automatically happen.

t's easier to transition a baby to sleep longer at night if you know their feeding & sleep patterns (and other important things like how much they're drinking, crying & how many wet/dirty diapers).
Parents often keep track of these types of things for a baby's doctor anyways.

Get our free Newborn+ Customizable Chart and Daily Routine to make life easier with a baby!

free baby chart & routine

Welcome to the baby protocol... feed, poop, sleep, repeat... oh and cuddling! 

Whether you're completely new to parenthood and need a step by step guide, or you're a seasoned parent in need of friendly reminders, we've got you covered.

We're all about sleeping through the night as soon as safely possible because we value sleep. Around the 3 month/12 week mark.

Our sleep routine is tested and proven to be used from day one for transitioning a newborn baby to sleep through the night 10+ hours uninterrupted at 12 weeks.

Get started right away by downloading the customizable chart below.

Newborn / 0-5 Months 

You and your toddler? How time flies, right!? 

There are always more things to think (and stress) about. We've got you covered!

Dropping naps, when and how to ween from a bottle to a sippy cup, best finger foods and other snacks, calm potty training, tantrums and tips for disciplining your toddler, conscious parenting, stress-free travel with kids.

The list goes on and on during these years of curiosity and creativity.

We're so excited to be on this parenting journey with you!

12 Months & Beyond

It's crazy how quickly babies grow and develop. In the blink of an eye they go from a little bundle in your arms to running around everywhere! 

We synthesize important tips & info on all the things, like what to do when your baby starts to get mobile (safety first, right?). Plus, how to introduce new foods making your own baby food, and watching for food sensitivities & allergies.

We also help with overcoming all the day to day challenges. Avoiding ear infections, and the best natural and traditional remedies for teething, colds and flu. Not to mention creating a consistent bedtime routine, and dealing with sleep regression concerns.  

6-11 Months

popular Baby resources:

more on toddlers here

more on preschoolers here

There are so many joys, but with the ups come the downs, uncertainty & questions.

Caring for a new baby can be much more difficult than you expect. It can be completely overwhelming and exhausting, especially if you're worried your baby isn't getting enough nutrients. And sleep deprivation isn't great for anyone. It can also contribute to the risk of baby blues and postpartum depression.

We synthesize the key tips and info in one place because we get it. We're here to help make it easier with Calm Baby™. 

Finding suitable childcare can be so stressful. We have the checklists and docs to get you started:

-   pros & cons of a nanny or nanny share,
     a day home, and daycare

-   what you have to ask when you're
     interviewing any childcare provider

-   sample daily activities chart

-   sample pay statement, and

-   sample nanny contract.

Guide to Childcare

Secrets to Heal Quicker

Feeding & Sleep FAQs 

It's called the fourth trimester for a reason! (Pregnancy can often be the easier part.)

It can take longer than you think to heal physically and emotionally from childbirth, especially when you're focussed on your new baby. But self care matters, A LOT!

We get into all the things, including sex & exercise, what to watch for with baby blues, postpartum depression and psychosis, pain & best healing remedies, and nutrition. Plus, the things in between (Dr. Bev's amazing padsicles & Mommy and me relaxing bath recipes!).

Feeding & Sleep FAQs 

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