Thing to ask your doula
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3 things to know before you hire a doula


Whether it’s your first or fifth baby, there are many reasons to hire a doula for support! Having a doula was important to me leading up to, during and after childbirth because of my man’s work schedule.

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What is a doula?


A doula is a birth companion or coach that provides emotional support to mothers before, during, or after childbirth (and physical support, as needed). Doulas may also provide support to a mother’s partner and family members and are often referred to as the dad’s “best friend”.

what to know about hiring a nanny
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Things you should know if you plan to hire a nanny


Childcare is a common topic of conversation among parents with young children. Whether you are a stay at home parent or have a career, there will be times that you need someone to care for your child. I’ve had a variety of different childcare arrangements over the years, including having my own nanny, nanny sharing and sending our kids to daycare and day home.

This post is focused on the things you should know if you are hiring a nanny. There are links to a nanny contractinterview questionsground rules and the ins and outs of employing a nanny. If you are exploring other childcare options such as a daycare or day home also check out this post.

Here are the things I wish I would have known before I hired a nanny for the first time.

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Five tips for finding suitable childcare

Children's Health

Finding suitable childcare for my kids has monopolized a significant amount of time and energy over the years. Our childcare situation has been more complicated in some months compared to others, most notably when I returned to work full time when my babies were each three and seven months old and when my nanny went on a maternity leave of her own. As my family’s needs have changed, we have tried different childcare arrangements: nanny sharing, employing our own nanny, daycare and day home. The most recent dilemma occurred when our full time nanny left us to go to university this past fall.

I’ve learned a few things when it comes to finding the right childcare provider, including that some of the most valuable tips come from listening to the experiences of other parents. The list below, which outlines some important questions to ask before you make a decision about childcare, is based on the experiences of a multitude of parents. 

These are the top five things I wish I would have known when I first started looking for childcare.

nanny sharing tips
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Exploring the nanny share idea

Family Health

It seems like wait lists for the best daycares and government accredited day homes continue to get longer, and that childcare is becoming more and more expensive. Believe it or not, it is less expensive to hire a live out nanny than to send two of your children to some of the most reputable daycares in Calgary (true story!).

For some parents, sharing a nanny with another family can be a great option, especially if each family has one child or if they only require part time care. I shared a nanny with…

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