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When can my partner and I start having sex again after our baby is born?

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when is sex safe postpartum

Most healthcare practitioners recommend women wait six weeks postpartum to engage in sexual intercourse but do not be afraid to consult with your doctor or midwife about how long you should wait. Some women feel ready for sex before six week but it may also take months – let your body be your guide. It is best to wait the full six weeks if vaginal bleeding has not stopped or if you had stitches or an episiotomy that is sore or still bleeding. It may also be appropriate to wait longer if your C-section is still healing. You may be nervous about pain occurring during sex, this is a normal concern, go slow and do not have sex until you feel ready. Express your concerns with your partner and share that it can take a minimum of 4-6 weeks so they’re not anticipating relations 1-2 weeks postpartum!

Most women ovulate 6-8 weeks after their baby is born so keep in mind you could get pregnant again even if you haven’t started your menstrual cycle. It may be a good idea to discuss family planning options at your six week check-up if you do not wish to have another pregnancy right away.

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