Why next year is all about gratitude, living well & magnetism

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tereza fonda

As the countdown to the New Year continues, I’m really beginning to feel a sense of excitement, like things have finally started to fall into place for the best year ever!

Autumn is always when I like to start reflecting on what I want for the next year — if any change is needed in my life. A time to put on a cozy sweater and select a word, theme or intention that resonates. Then, if what is in my life is not consistent with the word, theme or intention, it needs to go.

This sounds more simple than it usually is yet becomes easier each year (link to my past posts on this is below). And this year I came across a life changing resource that has been instrumental to making this process a lot easier and more clear. It’s how I know already know that next year is going to be better, lighter and in flow with my theme for 2020:

Living well, with gratitude, guided by my authentic code and always magnetic!

I’m so thrilled to be sharing this with you, after a few peaks and valleys from the past year.

This pic of my girls from a day when they visited my office this year, with the Wonder Woman bobble head from my BFF, kinda just says it all.

2019 was a busy year full of unforgettable memories. An amazing family vacation and a few great getaways for just the two of us, celebrating my 40th with those nearest and dearest, and continuing to build professionally both as a lawyer and at Calmmother.

My theme for 2019 was absolutely no settling, and nothing toxic in my life which also involved a lot of self work. Looking back, it’s no surprise that my post about turning 40 was all about self reflection and finding purpose.

As much as I love my life, 2019 was sometimes heavier and more dramatic than I would have hoped for… letting go and phasing things out of my life that no longer serve me, prioritizing, setting firm boundaries, and fully harnessing the energy of no. Sometimes feeling completely overwhelmed navigating day to day kid schedules, new school and childcare arrangements, personal relationships, and full time lawyering in challenging market conditions. Still finding passion and invigoration in Calmmother. Invariably grateful this holiday season for the amazing sources of love and strength in my life (you know who you are, thank you).

Why I am eternally grateful for Lacy Phillips’ process ( and a bit about my experience!

So there it is guys! A pivotal reason why I’m heading into next year feeling stronger and more optimistic than ever. Not an ad, just amazing, regardless of your familiarity with mainstream manifesting techniques. For $20 off, use code: REFERRAL20.

As someone who lives a life of gratitude (typically on the higher end of the vibration scale), has habitually practiced yoga and meditation for my entire adult life, and has been writing down and reaching goals since long before then, this work finally explains everything I need to understand about manifesting. Lacy’s focus on expanding your subconscious limiting beliefs about the potential of deserving the manifestations you are calling in, and daily reprogramming to get rid of unnecessary baggage (and to get back to your authentic self each day) was the missing piece for me, until now. And I also love that Lacy and many of her podcast guests are expanders for me.

Credit belongs to my sister for discovering this gem for us — we’ve been bonding as we going through some of it together, while the loves of our lives do their own self work. Yoly has had to take a bit of a break recently to focus more on HypnoBirthing, being pregnant with her second baby. But I’ve continued almost daily.

As I become more comfortable with being more of an open book, some clear examples of what I’ve manifested in the past:

  • putting myself through law school and building my life following a humble beginnings raised by a custodian and stay at home mom

  • consistently calling in new and better career opportunities, surrounded by expanders and fragment expanders

  • the conception date for my youngest miracle (spirit) baby — people thought I was crazy until it happened, knowing the exact day during the week long window between her father’s first surgery and before the start of his chemotherapy treatment for cancer

  • out of necessity, creating a feeding a sleep program to gently transition my babies to sleeping 10+ hours uninterrupted each night at 12 weeks without tears

    • the first time, so I could go back to work as a lawyer 3 months after childbirth

    • after my second baby, so that I could survive life postpartum with a newborn and toddler while their father was recovering from his illness and surgery

    then being guided to co-create this site to help simplify life for Mothers and families

  • consciously uncoupling with the father of my children so that we could thrive as individuals and provide a much more stable and healthy environment for ourselves and our children, while becoming supportive co-parents to each other (especially with a feisty personality like mine, it takes something to get there and is continued work on both sides), and

  • last but certainly not least, calling in my love and our blended family.

I now realize that most of the time my manifestations have been accompanied by a feeling like the universe is shifting, almost vertigo-like. I didn’t fully understand, especially feeling magnetism itself, until immersing myself in Lacy’s workshops and podcasts.

What’s next?

This brings me back to my theme of living well for next year, and what’s next on my list and how to get there!

First, staying focused and avoiding distractions when it comes to sharing Calmmother with the world through the most effective channels, while niching in on career aspirations. As a Gemini, planning the next holiday adventure is always on my list as well.

Details on my authentic code as a guide going forward, which I figured out at

  • Influence, which to me means inspiring others, serving, and facilitating positive change in the world

  • Passion which to me means channeling my love and energy toward people, things and initiatives that make a positive impact, feed my soul and are in line with my authentic self

  • Love which to me means always following my heart and striving to live in the highest vibration (love is everything and my loved ones mean everything to me)

  • Wealth which means to me abundance in every sense, from balance when it comes to health and wellness, to healthy personal relationships, to prosperity to support complete freedom (the luxury to do whatever, whenever and to fully support my soul to allow me to focus on serving others, for my family and for travel). If it’s not a heck yes then it’s a hard NO.

I’ve always been unapologetically me and honest. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have it all and knowing you are deserving of it. I’m looking forward to continuing to work through more of this work myself, and also with my kids (and of course also through mindful parenting — more posts on this stuff coming soon).

I would truly LOVE for you to join me on this journey and want to hear what’s next for you!

Share your thoughts, intention, word(s) or theme for the year or your New Year’s resolution in the comments below or connect with us through social media. Also share with loved ones who could benefit from reading this post.

Wishing you and your loved ones all the best in 2020 and always.


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