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Maintaining nutrition during pregnancy is important for you and your baby. It can help your baby develop health, intelligence, and a strong immune system. It can also help prevent low mood and depression for new mothers who are sleep deprived. But this isn’t an easy feat! Many women experience nausea, strong food aversions and cravings during pregnancy which can make it difficult to focus on nutrition during this time.

No one can expect us to have a perfect diet all the time, especially during pregnancy!

This Hormone Optimizing Meal Plan provides a good start, offering lots of great ideas for nutritional meals during pregnancy — and a grocery list to help make shopping easier. When creating the plan, I focussed is the core of a healthy diet, including a variety of fresh vegetables, whole grains, legumes and beans, nuts and seeds, and certain meats. For more variety, check out my meal plans for preconception and postpartum here.

Click here for more healthy pregnancy tips, including Dr. Pam’s suggestions for healthy eating during pregnacy. Ensure you get all the nutrients you need during pregancy and postpartum.

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