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Should you restrict your diet while breastfeeding to prevent your child from having an allergy?

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should you change restrict diet when breastfeeding

Unless you have a known food sensitivity or allergy, it is ideal to have a variety of healthy foods and not avoid certain foods to prevent allergies in your baby.

A study found that mothers who consumed tree nuts and peanuts five times per week had the lowest risk of their child developing allergies to nuts compared to mothers who did not showing that when exposed in-utero infants develop a strong immune system to detect what is safe and what is food versus an allergen.* (DO NOT consume tree nuts if you as the mother have an allergy!). There is also clinical evidence that moms who had a varied diet with lots of flavours and spices also had more adventurous eaters when their child was older.

*Bayol, et al., Offspring from mothers fed a ‘junk food’ diet in pregnancy and lactation exhibit exacerbated adiposity that is more pronounced in females, The Journal of Physiology: 2008.

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