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slow down to speed up

This week we shared exciting news about our free meditation series to help shift our mindset and optimize our mental and physical health with Marin McCue, founder of dope(a)me mind-body-life coaching.

It doesn’t matter if you want to maintain your current mindset, get out of a rut, or level up. Or, if you’re in university, the CEO of a big company, single, pregnant, a new parent, parent to 5 kids, if you’re an empty nester, etc.

These guided meditations are for everyone!

Why is this so important?

Because your mental, emotional and physical health matters.

We all know how easy it is to get caught up being busy, prioritizing all the things on our never ending to do lists. Busyness is an easy excuse, especially when we sacrifice our health instead of making it a priority. It’s also easy right now to say that our health will be better if things get back to normal.

But what about taking a step back and looking inward. What about slowing down to reset. This is what Marin’s work is all about. All you need is 10 minutes.

My biggest lessons learned during these unprecedented times that will stick with me are below. In no specific order.

First, trying to be everything to everybody tends to cause the opposite result of what you’re trying to achieve. You’re enough — you’re not going to be for everyone anyway.

Have you ever noticed that doing the best you can in the circumstances usually works just as well as when you strive for total perfectionism? Maybe this shift will offer more time to focus on what matters most.

Second, caring for yourself first is key, especially if you’re responsible for the care of others. Make time for yourself daily, even if it’s only 5-15 minutes some days. Always set clear and firm boundaries with others, even with the people you love.

I’ve also realized my morning routine is everything for my mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing. This really starts before bed each night in terms of setting things up for the morning. My days often start at 5 a.m. and I do not stop moving until 9 p.m. which is not much different than many of you!

I’ll post again on this next week, but slowing down to speed up is incredibly helpful no matter how you slice it.

Join our mailing list to receive Marin’s meditation series for optimizing your mental and physical health for free before it is available on our blog later this summer.

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