why women get pms
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Why do women experience PMS?

Women's Health

There are many potential causes as to why… 

when to go to doctor about pms
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When should I see my doctor about my PMS symptoms?

Ask Dr Pam Q&A

There are some underlying medical conditions that can present or make PMS worse. These include…

how to treat and avoid pms
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Treating and Preventing PMS

Women's Health

If you have a uterus, or live with someone who has a uterus, then you know what PMS is! In fact, it has been estimated that up to 80% of all woman have experienced some form of PMS, or premenstrual symptom, at some point in their lives. Menstrual cramps, known medically as dysmenorrhea, affect approximately 50% of menstruating woman, 10% of whom experience incapacitating pain, usually lasting between one and five days each month.* It has been estimated that in the USA over 600 million work hours each year are lost due to any number of premenstrual symptoms.* There are many symptoms associated with each of the different categories of symptoms, not only cramps. PMS is often broken down into groups:

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