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6 stress free secrets to get your baby to sleep through the night (tear free!)

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how to get baby to sleep longer at night

Whether you’re pregnant or have a new baby, if you’re wondering how to get baby to sleep longer at night (and how to avoid newborn feeding every hour or two), these resources were made for you my friend!

In these information sessions, we spill our secrets to get your baby to sleep through the night without having to worry about tears. Bc we know how much sleep for you and your family matters especially with an infant!

But we don’t just tell you what the secrets are, we actually show you how to implement them to help ensure success with your baby. More can be found in my and Dr. Pam’s book Thriving with your new baby and our Calm Baby Sleep Course.

We’re pleased to offer freedom for parents through family health, starting with your newborn!

Download our baby sleep routine and customizable charts for free here.

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Sleep is so important but the optimal amount is different for each family member.
It depends on age and other factors.
Find out the healthy sleep ranges by age, for you and your growing family.
Starting with babies (newborn to one year),
toddlers, preschoolers, school aged
children, teens and adults.

Guide to optimal family sleep (daytime naps & at night) 

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