guided meditation
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3 part guided meditation series to optimize your mental and physical health

Women's Health

The much anticipated meditation series for optimizing your mental and physical health will available for our community only FOR FREE the last week of May.

You just need to be on the mailing list to receive it (see this post and this post).

Marin McCue, founder of dope(a)me mind-body-life coaching, has graciously offered to help support our community by creating a series of three guided meditations.

The first day will be all about…

toddler finger foods
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Best toddler friendly finger foods on the go (health conscious)

Children's Health

Introducing new foods can be exciting and fun for children and parents!

You have to plan ahead to pack real food snacks with an ice pack when venturing out or traveling. It may not seem as easy as a boxed or packaged snack, but you do get used to it!

Some handy snacks ideas are…

your mental health matters
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Helping make YOU a priority


First, I’m taking this opportunity to check in with everyone. To see how things are really going for you, and find out how we can best support you in these uncertain times and beyond.

We are also thrilled to announce super exciting news with you today about what we’re planning for EVERYONE later this month… whether you’re single, in a relationship, pregnant, have an angel baby, have 5 kids, or if you’re an empty nester!

If you’re already on our mailing list, keep an eye out the last week of this month. If not, join now.

what is a midwife
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What is a midwife (and why you might want a midwife deliver your baby in a hospital or at home)


Midwives provide primary care to healthy pregnant women and their babies throughout pregnancy, labour, birth, and the postpartum period. Depending on where you live, Midwives may deliver babies at home or in a hospital.

how to feed baby
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Is there an order to start with when introducing solid foods to babies?

Baby Health

There is no set order to use when introducing solid foods to babies. How you introduce new foods to your baby will depend on the guidance you receive from your healthcare provider.

Keep in mind the saying “food is for fun under one” when introducing solids to your baby. In the beginning stages, it is more to get your baby used to the texture, taste, and procedure of eating solid foods than it is for their total nutrition, most will still be relying on breastmilk or formula. I like to recommend soft vegetables as a starting food as babies to help them develop a taste for them early on.

This hypoallergenic food introduction chart provides…

introducing rice cereal and new food to baby
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Why you should think twice before introducing rice cereal to your baby

Baby Health

Introducing solids to your child can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first baby! Assuming you can convince your little one to eat the new foods in the first place (get tips here), there are always concerns with food allergies, not to mention various chocking hazards. Plus, depending on who you talk to, when to start introducing certain foods and the order you choose to do it in, can be super controversial!

best first foods for baby
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Best first foods for babies

Baby Health

The first year of introducing foods to your baby is mostly experimenting and tasting different foods. Most calories and nutrients can be obtained from breastmilk or quality formula.

When it comes to first foods, think nutrient-dense real foods. If you are eating these kinds of foods while breastfeeding, your baby is already exposed to the taste of them. This is because breastmilk taste changes based on what you are eating!

baby sleep patterns
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Newborn sleep cycle chart & infant sleep cycles

Baby Health

Do you have an infant and are unsure what to expect in terms of their sleep cycle?

Are you wondering if the sleep deprivation we go through as new parents will ever end? It can be so awful especially if you’re suffering from baby blues or postpartum depression.

This video explains how much you can expect your newborn baby to sleep and feed during the day and at night, thanks to Dr. Pam. It also teaches how to track baby sleep cycles and limit sleep deprivation with a newborn. The goal being to successfully transition your baby to a flexible schedule that works for your family!

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Top 5 nutrition tips for new Mothers


A healthy diet and appropriate supplements are important for a new Mother, especially to help facilitate quicker healing. It can also help to prevent exhaustion and low mood postpartum.

Sleep is so important but the optimal amount is different for each family member.
It depends on age and other factors.
Find out the healthy sleep ranges by age, for you and your growing family.
Starting with babies (newborn to one year),
toddlers, preschoolers, school aged
children, teens and adults.

Guide to optimal family sleep (daytime naps & at night) 

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