Why You Should Make Getting A Good Night’s Sleep A Major Priority In Your Life, And How You Can Make That Happen
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Why you should make getting a good night’s sleep a major priority in your life, and how you can make that happen

Family Health

Getting a good night’s sleep has so many physical, emotional, and mental benefits. Yet with all of the distractions that demand our attention, going to sleep on time and getting enough rest has become extremely elusive to many of us. Why is sleep so important and how can we make it a priority? To find […]

meditation to relax
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Manage emotion and stress with oil and water (43 minute guided Yoga Nidra meditation)


Welcome to day 3 of our guided meditations for optimizing mental and physical health (intro post is here).

If you missed day 1, it’s available here. You can catch up on day two here.

Today we’re focused on techniques for emotion and stress management.

marin mccue
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Getting grounded with functional breathing (10 minute guided meditation)


Welcome to day 1 of our guided meditations for optimizing mental and physical health!

I’m Marin McCue, founder of dope(a)me mind-body-life coaching (intro post is here).

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How to teach kids to be antiracist (top 5 resources)

Children's Health

I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on antiracist parenting, or parenting generally. I’m just what you’d consider an white privileged Mama trying to make a positive impact on the world where I can (see the resources below and add to the list!).

guided meditation
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3 part guided meditation series to optimize your mental and physical health

Women's Health

The much anticipated meditation series for optimizing your mental and physical health will available for our community only FOR FREE the last week of May.

You just need to be on the mailing list to receive it (see this post and this post).

Marin McCue, founder of dope(a)me mind-body-life coaching, has graciously offered to help support our community by creating a series of three guided meditations.

The first day will be all about…

slow down to speed up
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Slowing down to speed up & why it matters


This week we shared exciting news here about our free meditation series to help shift our mindset and optimize our mental and physical health with Marin McCue, founder of dope(a)me mind-body-life coaching.

It doesn’t matter if you want to maintain your current mindset, get out of a rut, or level up. Or, if you’re in university, the CEO of a big company, single, pregnant, a new parent, parent to 5 kids, if you’re an empty nester, etc.

These guided meditations are for everyone!

Why is this so important?

your mental health matters
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Helping make YOU a priority


First, I’m taking this opportunity to check in with everyone. To see how things are really going for you, and find out how we can best support you in these uncertain times and beyond.

We are also thrilled to announce super exciting news with you today about what we’re planning for EVERYONE later this month… whether you’re single, in a relationship, pregnant, have an angel baby, have 5 kids, or if you’re an empty nester!

If you’re already on our mailing list, keep an eye out the last week of this month. If not, join now.

parenting is hard
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When you give yourself permission


As mothers, there’s always something that grips us. There’s always something more we could be doing. It’s a vice of motherhood. The worry. The planning. The attempting to control what we can because there is so much in life with children that is out of our control. The burnout.

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Why next year is all about gratitude, living well & magnetism


As the countdown to the New Year continues, I’m really beginning to feel a sense of excitement, like things have finally started to fall into place for the best year ever!

Sleep is so important but the optimal amount is different for each family member.
It depends on age and other factors.
Find out the healthy sleep ranges by age, for you and your growing family.
Starting with babies (newborn to one year),
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children, teens and adults.

Guide to optimal family sleep (daytime naps & at night) 

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